• April '18Deliverable 6.3
    Overall Evaluation of the City.Risks Approach
    This deliverable provides an overview of the piloting activities executed in the City.Risks project, covering the period July 1st 2017 until April 30th, 2018. Building upon D6.1 - The Detailed Pilot Plan - and accompanying D6.2 - The social aspects of the pilots, this document provides an overall summary of what has been done and emphasises the lessons learned from the piloting activities and efforts that have been invested into the process.
  • April '18Deliverable 6.2
    Consolidation of feedback through the engaged user communities
    This deliverable presents the findings from the City.Risks piloting activities conducted in London, Waltham Forest in the United Kingdom, Sofia in Bulgaria and Rome in Italy. Participants were recruited in the three pilot sites to ‘test’ the City.Risks mobile phone application and asked to provide feedback on their user experiences as part of the application’s iterative development. This deliverable consolidates the feedback we received from the various piloting activities.
  • April '18Deliverable 7.7
    Dissemination activities Report III
    The present document represents an update of the dissemination strategy carried out by the City.Risks consortium and reports on the dissemination activities in the final year of the project. The document is structured in five sections.
  • Mar '18Deliverable 7.5
    City.Risks Contribution to Standardisation
    This report documents the results of task T-7.5 of the City.Risks project. The development of City.Risks has largely been based on the usage of official or industry/ de facto standards. Developments in the technology sector have been also constantly watched to identify best practices as well as emerging technology standards, resulting in a list of relevant standards that has been maintained throughout the project.
  • Feb '18Deliverable 7.4
    Conference on Urban Security
    This report presents the efforts towards the realization of a Conference on Urban Security that was organized by the City.Risks Consortium alongside 8 other EC funded projects with objectives similar to our project. The conference was held in Crete from the 25th to the 27th of October 2017 in Crete (Fodele Hotel and resort), and included sessions for presenting scientific papers, as well as exhibitions for developments of the EC projects that participated in the conference.
  • July'17Deliverable 6.1
    Description of Pilots Setup and Scenarios
    This deliverable provides an outline of the piloting activities which commence in October 2017. The activities aim to evaluate and validate the City.Risks concept and platform. The document describes the main validation activities, including, usability, usefulness and technical performance along with feedback from users who participate in the piloting activities.
  • Jun '17Deliverable 5.4
    Report on System Verification
    This report presents the efforts towards the verification of the City.Risks Integrated System. The verification took place on a module by module basis, testing the communication and validating the proper exchange of data between each developed service.
  • Apr '17Deliverable 7.3
    Dissemination activities Report 2
    The present document represents an update of the dissemination strategy carried out by the City.Risks consortium and is focussed on two main activities: a) report of the dissemination activities in the second year; b) preliminary analysis of exploitation concerns as a basis for a future commercialization strategy.
  • Mar '17Deliverable 4.4
    Theft Detection Mobile Application
    This document accompanies the developed prototype of the City.Risks Anti-theft mobile application and Anti-theft library. The report also documents the design and implementation of the Anti-theft application as a component of the City.Risks core mobile app and City.Risks infrastructure.
  • Feb '17Deliverable 4.3
    Mobile Application
    This report is a short description accompanying the City.Risks Mobile App (deliverable D4.3). It describes the integration of the app into the overall infrastructure of the City.Risks system, its functionality and basic implementation structure.
  • Apr '16Deliverable 7.2
    Dissemination activities Report 1
    The present document illustrates the dissemination strategy planned by the City.Risks consortium and reports the first dissemination activities carried out by the project partners during the first year.
  • Apr '16Deliverable 4.2
    City.Risks portal and API
    This report describes all the parts of the City.Risks Portal and the Interoperability API of City.Risks. The City.Risks portal is one of the main clients of the City.Risks platform. It allows the citizen to interact with the City.Risks portal, digest data and use a number of services.
  • Mar '16Deliverable 3.6
    City.Risks SDK
    This deliverable is the outcome of the work performed under Task 3.6 “City.Risks SDK”. This task covers the implementation of the City.Risks SDK according to the architecture designed in Task 2.5.
  • Mar'16Deliverable 2.2
    Analysing factors influencing the fear of crime from the citizens’ perspective
    Through this report we aimed to: a) gain a greater insight into and a better understanding of the multiple factors that influence citizens’ fears, perceptions and experiences of crime and the criminal justice system; b) investigate the readiness of citizens to adopt new technologies which are designed to address fears, perceptions and experiences of crime in the city.
  • Feb'16Deliverable 2.5
    Platform architecture
    Various constraints from the technological, scientific and market domain have been taken into consideration during the task lifetime resulting in an adjusted approach for the finalization of the City.Risks platform architecture and to the various modifications that will be needed for its continuous adaptation to the user needs. The completed version of the system design will be validated against test scenarios to ensure that all the functional requirements are efficiently met. The elaborated architectural model will take into consideration all the parameters for the desired functionality of the City.Risks engine in order to avoid any “failures by design”.
  • Nov '15Deliverable 2.3
    Fine-grained analysis of security threats in large urban environments
    The main finding in this report is that a large proportion of all crime occurs at a few places, and only a few people account for a great amount of all criminal victimisations. Places at risk for hosting crime are characterised by a high density of people, weak social cohesion, low socio-economic status among the residents, and located in inner-city areas. The presence of alcohol outlets and public transportation nodes are also expected to increase the risk of crime. Unsurprisingly, places already known for high crime rates are also at risk for subsequent crime.
  • Dec '15Deliverable 2.4
    Use Cases, Requirements and Key Performance Indicators
    This report documents the use case definition, requirements analysis and design of Key Performance Indicators conducted in the City.Risks project.
  • Sep '15Deliverable 2.1
    Gaps and challenges for addressing security threats in urban environments
    This document surveys the state-of-the-art in the areas related to the City.Risks project. Our analysis starts by reviewing relevant complete and integrated solutions in the urban security landscape. A total of 22 projects and 46 software and hardware solutions have been analyzed. Most of these solutions constitute results of completed and ongoing research projects. The survey focuses on the use cases, target audience, solution types, software platforms and data sources employed in the analyzed solutions.
  • Jun '15Deliverable 7.1
    Project website and web 2.0 visibility
    The project website of City.Risks is created. In order to increase web visibility the site has integrated a SEO scheme and connected to social media channel like twitter.