Participant Information

?What is the project about?
The City.Risks project is aimed at using innovative technologies to increase the perceptions of safety and security amongst citizens who live and/or work in the city.
?What is the pilot about?
The City.Risks platform, that you are invited to test and evaluate, provides a series of six services that enable you to interact with your neighbouring communities. If you experience an event, the platform enables you to reach out to other community members and to receive additional information in case they can provide additional information. Similarly, you may be asked if you have witnessed an event by other community members and by officials.
?How is this study funded?
This study is funded by the European Commission as part of the Horizon 2020 research programme.
?What will participation in the long-term pilot trial involve?
We would like to invite you to take part in the pilot trial of the City.Risks app. You will be asked to download (onto your own personal Android smart phone) and use the free City.Risks app thereby joining the City.Risks community in your neighbourhood. We are interested in how you use the app, your user experience and obtaining your feedback on how the app can be further developed and improved. To elicit feedback, you will be asked to take part in three short online surveys during the course of the trial and may be prompted to respond to notifications from the City.Risks mobile app that are aimed at encouraging engagement, being part of the mobile application features. We will also be asking those who are interested in providing further feedback to take part in follow-up focus group discussions once the pilot has come to a close, where you can provide further input.
?When is the pilot happening?
You can already download the app now, but the trial officially start on the 23rd of October and run until Monday the 20th of November. The pilot kick-off is initiated with the first survey being disseminated on the 23rd of October
?What do I need?
All you need is an Android based smartphone and the City.Risks mobile app.
?What’s in it for me?
Those participants who complete all three surveys as part of the long-term pilot trial will be entered into a prize draw for one of the £50 worth of High Street shop vouchers.
?How will the trial occur?
During the pilot duration, you will be asked to use the app in the scenarios described below.
?Under what conditions am I taking part?
Participation in the trial is completely voluntary. You have the right to withdraw from the trial at any point should you wish to. You also have the right to withdraw the data you have provided prior to the data analysis phase of the project which commences in January 2018. The survey responses you provide will remain confidential and will be anonymised in all disseminated material, including project publications. No personal details (e.g. your name; email address) that you provide during the registration process will be made available to anyone outside of the research team and will only be used to remain in contact with you for the duration of the trial. All data will be kept for up to one year. The terms of conduct will be clearly explained prior to participation in the longer-term pilot trials. Participants will be suspended from the study if they do not follow common rules stated by the Principal Investigator (e.g. no offensive language use between users, no postings of pictures that are offensive etc.).
?How can I find out more about this study?
In case of questions you may contact us at

Download the app below

*You need to enable installation from third parties to install the application
*This pilot is targeting only the citizens of Waltham Forest, UK.

Download How to use the app


During the pilot duration, you will be asked to use the app in the following scenarios.

Request for witness and community chat functions.

01 Request for Witness

You will be encouraged to use the app to report offences or broader incidents that you may encounter in your city (e.g. damages, broken streetlights, graffiti, etc.). The City.Risks system will alert the community to help find witnesses and information on what happened.

02 Gather and Disseminate Information for Ongoing Events

You will be encouraged to use the app to build information (pictures and short description) of ongoing events you are close to that might affect general safety, and to send it to the City.Risks system. The system will then broadcast the information to the community who will be then alerted on what's going on.
Incident viewing and reporting

Request for witness and community chat functions.

03 Guide Me Via an Alternative Route

You will be encouraged to use the app feature to find a safe route in case of need: as an example, you may pretend you are a tourist who wants to go from point A to point B by avoiding risky areas. One you have selected your destination the app will drive you showing the safest way.

04 My Neighbourhood

You will be encouraged to use the City.Risks portal to get crime maps and other safety-related content of the city, including social media analytics and statistics . You will have the opportunity to share your findings with other interested users by email or through social networks like Facebook and Twitter.