Storyboard Use Case Scenarios

The App Development

City.Risks has been designing and implementing a mobile APP to empower citizens to interact with authorities for criminality prevention, detection and evidence gathering and risk reporting (citizen as reporter). Community-based functions are one of the major cornerstones of the City.Risks mobile APP.
The City.Risks APP interacts with the RMRS (incident reporting) system featuring incident management, automatic alerting and decision management for operation centre. Once the user has sent a report through the APP (text and media), the system will translate the report to associate it with a given risk category, will decide whether it is worth publishing, will update it on the basis of new incoming reports and eventually will make it accessible to the City.Risks user community. The APP will display currently reported incidents in the vicinity and will actively notify about public warnings. It will also provide users with feel-safe routing and navigation information.

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The six scenarios are based on the survey of the state-of-the-art conducted previously in the project, in order to elaborate on scenarios where the adoption of modern technologies can assist in addressing security threats

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*You need to enable installation from third parties to install the application
*This pilot is targeting only the citizens of Waltham Forest, UK.

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