Source: Malmo University
Author: Charlotte Löndahl Bechmann

RESEARCH. A European research project is about to get under way where the focus will be on safety and security in European cities. Along with Malmö University, centres of education, local authorities and companies from six European countries will be involved. The budget for the project will be 40 million kronor.

Within a few years, tourists visiting European cities will be able to download an app that will help them make their way around new and unknown cities as safely as possible.

“The aim of the project is to increase people’s perceived safety and security. The idea is that the app will suggest safe routes and in time it will work in all European cities,” said Professor Marie Torstensson Levander, Head of the Department of Criminology at Malmö University.

Crime concentration analysis

Researchers at Malmö University will produce a knowledge database founded on the latest urban crime research.

“We will analyse crime concentration linked to different areas as well as the structure and population composition of the city,” continued Marie Torstensson Levander.

The primary focus is on street crime, such as robbery and pickpocketing.

Three pilot cities

The project will commence with three pilot cities.

“We will begin by working with three pilot cities, Rome, Sofia and an area of London,” explained Alexander Engström, research assistant.

For the app to work throughout Europe, the research will need to be adapted.

“It’s a matter of identifying general trends that are not specific to a particular city,” said Marie Torstensson Levander.

Extensive experience of safety and security studies

Criminology researchers at Malmö University have extensive experience of safety and security studies, including studies conducted in recent years in Malmö.

“There’s a great deal of research into safety and security. It’s extremely satisfying when we see research being put into practice,” concluded Marie Torstensson Levander.