Interested to meet one of our partners at “City Renaissance in the Digital Age” conference?

Commune di Prato will be representing the project through our own booth. This event is organized by City of Florence and Major Cities of Europe.
“The 2016 conference will be a journey of discovery to determine what City Renaissance means in the Digital Age. It will start by exploring current experiences which are at the leading edge of developments. It will move on to consider actual pilots and implementations, and it will conclude with a look into what the future may hold. As always, this annual event will host distinguished speakers from European cities alongside worldwide experts from ICT providers and academia. Thanks to the friendly and open atmosphere of the Major Cities of Europe conferences all delegates can take advantage of the Q&As and roundtables at the end of each session and participate in informal discussions during the conference breaks, lunches and dinners to share ideas, initiatives, experiences and learn from each other.” Source

Find the conference programme here.

Looking forward to meeting you there and discussing new opportunities and challenges.