The core platform designed by City.Risks comprises an infrastructure for managing user communities and policies, that will allow citizen users to specify their profile and preferences: e.g. to configure how to view information and when/what notifications and alerts should be received. It also provides a finegrained mechanism for allowing citizen users to create (possibly nested) communities, like family, friends, colleagues, neighbours and to specify rules and policies for sharing information and experiences among them, e.g. which users can see one’s location, or to/from which users to send/receive alerts. The City.Risks platform provides the open APIs and its set of interfaces plus a SDK, i.e. an implementation tooling that allows third parties to build custom-made applications and to integrate them into the City.Risks platform. It also includes components for low level system monitoring and event logging.

City.Risks is developing an innovative theft detection sensor

City Risks project intends to design and implement an innovative, small and discrete sensor coupling Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and radio-based technologies to transparently identify and locate stolen objects within a specific urban range through the usage of the City.Risks network of citizens. The key challenge of the design is how the distance between a Base Station and BLE device can be covered. Therefore, instead of implementing a WuR (wake-up radio receiver) along with a BLE device positioned in the asset, a BLE/WiFi gateway should be deployed that would equally cover and reach the BLE antitheft sensor. Two alternative activation mechanisms have been foreseen: via BLE/WiFi gateway, and via the smartphones of the community users, which forward the wake up signal to the BLE device.

The core components of the system architecture are the following: battery powered BLE sensor device, BLE/ WiFi Radio gateway to enable communication with the City.Risks Platform and City Risks Mobile application to communicate with BLE devices and report asset’s position to the City.Risks platform.