Together with the technical partners, on the day of December 16th took place the experimentation of the functions of the app and of the BLE (sensor).

With the participation of citizens and the support of Officers of the Local Police of Roma Capitale, a role-playing game was staged. The citizens/participants were robbed by hypothetical/false thieves (local police officers) of their bicycle on which the sensor was positioned.

In this phase we wanted to test the functionality of the sensor in relation to the City.Risks app and if the system of reporting the theft was received by the City.Risks Operational Center, hosted at the Local Police Operational Center.

By the Operational Center there was a partner researcher who accessed the City.Risks portal in order to check in real time the activation of the alarms at the right time of the theft simulation (subtraction of the BLE). Local Police personnel followed the events through the mapping on the cartographic system. Through radio communications (carried out with the portable equipment provided by the Local Police and assigned to local police officers present on the field of simulation), the participants had the possibility to communicate time by time the various activities (theft simulation, alarm activation, discovery device ) .

The systematic comparison between the data provided by the application and the communications, showed that what was observed on the portal coincided with the actions carried out (for time and location).