City.Risks at Major Cities of Europe network, Zagreb

City.Risks will be presented by the project coordinator in the international conference of the Major Cities of Europe network, held in Zagreb (Croatia) on 12-14 June […]

Newsletter – April 2017

The theft sensor device for  participatory sensing City Risks is now completing the design of the theft detection sensor to be employed in a participatory sensing […]

Space Hellas (2016)

Theft Detection using Internet of Things BLE-based participatory Sensing Concepts

Summary: The City.Risks project [1] aims at increasing the perception of security of citizens in cities by activating in a more transparent and sustainable way by their participation in communities, through which information and interventions can be provided, both to proactively protect citizens from falling victims to criminal activities, as well as to reactively provide more timely and effective response and assistance. In this context, the project intends to develop a prototype theft identification sensor. City.Risks will design and implement a discrete sensor based on a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to locate stolen objects within a specific urban range through the usage of a participatory sensing system built by the City.Risks network of citizens.

Keywords: City.Risks, Prototype, Participatory Platform, Greece

ICCS (2016)

Theft Detection using Internet of Things BLE-based participatory Sensing Concepts

Summary: The objective of this paper is to present a participatory platform that allows asset-tracking tasks to be crowd-sourced to a community. Each asset is equipped with a customized BLE tag that actively sends signals, thus becoming a beacon. Once an item (bicycle, motorbike, mobile asset) with such a BLE module installed is stolen, the owner shall inform the authorities, which in turn shall send a broadcasting signal via the Internet to activate the BLE sensor. To discover the asset with the tag, participants use their GPS enabled smart phones to scan BLE tags through a specific smartphone client application and report the location of the asset to the City.Risks centralized server so that owners can locate their assets. In the following sections, we describe our efforts deploying a BLE sensing system for asset theft recovery, leveraging sensor networking principles and techniques.

Keywords: City.Risks, Prototype, ICT, EuCNC