City.Risks will leverage a set of innovative technologies, city infrastructures as well as Web and social media technologies aiming to increase the security level of citizens in large cities. Through City.Risks solution the citizens in modern smart cities will be actively contributing to the fight against crime and the increase of security level in their daily activities.


City.Risks platform and SDK.

The project will design and develop a modular and extensible platform and SDK, comprising advanced risk management and response algorithms and tools operating on top of an enhanced content repository for security related information.

City.Risks mobile and web applications

City.Risks will design and develop a mobile and Web application that will empower the citizens with the ability to interact with authorities and among themselves for criminality prevention and response in a bidirectional manner.

City.Risks theft prevention and identification sensor

Design and implement an innovative, small and discrete sensor able to transparently identify and locate stolen objects within a specific urban range through the usage of the City.Risks network of citizens.

Business model and replication plan

The project will develop a parameterized business model, according to socio-economic contexts, business purpose and targeted market, on how to repli-cate the City.Risks approach further opening up new market opportunities for urban security related technologies.